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Myriad Friendly Contests

Myriad Friendly Contests Myriad Friendly Contests
 contest 15 02-2006
 Allain Herve (France)
 Alway Peter (USA)
 Bernardin Claude (France)
 Bonzanini Luigi (Italia)
 Carlsmose Ole (Norway)
 Cecchi Pietro (Italy)
 Churcher Ken (Australia)
 Coanet Philippe (France)
 Collin Sebastien (France)
 Comeau Christian (Canada)
 Coquerel Daniel (France)
 Dickinson Kevin (USA)
 Dilly Yannick (France)
 Drynda Peter (France)
 Duchene Nicolas (France)
 Faivre Christian (France)
 Fournier Yannick (France)
 Gold Edward (USA)
 Johnston Robert (USA)
 Lambotte Bernard (Belgium)
 Larher Henri (France)
 Levi Adrian (UK)
 Mongi Badri (Tunisie)
 Moroni Jean-Armand (France)
 Mustone Anthony (USA)
 Navdeep Sandhu (USA)
 Pernet Christian (France)
 Perrin Gerald (France)
 Segaud Patrick (France)
 Stahlhofen Lutz (Germany)
 Thibodeau David (USA)
 Thompson William (USA)
 Tubb Benjamin (USA)
contest 15 02-2006 folder
Myriad Friendly Contests

The mandatory topic was to illustrate musically the "Sonnet 73" by Shakespeare

Il s'agissait d'illustrer musicalement le "Sonnet 73" de Shakespeare

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